Network Security and Privacy

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Welcome to Network Security and Privacy Research Lab, School of Computing, KAIST.

카이스트 네트워크 보안 및 프라이버시 연구실입니다.

[공지] 카이스트 석사 및 박사과정에 합격한 분들 모두 축하드립니다. NetS&P 연구실에 대해서 궁금하시면 강민석교수에게 직접 이메일로 연락주세요 (

Professor Min Suk Kang (PhD. at CMU, 2016) is leading this group.

강민석 교수 (카네기멜론 박사 2016년) 가 이끄는 네트워크 보안/프라이버시 연구실 입니다.

Eager to invest in "world-class" security and privacy research? Join us!

"세계 최고 수준"의 네트워크 보안/프라이버시 연구를 통해 사회와 학문에 기여하고 싶으신 분들 (학부/석사/박사) 환영합니다.


  • We have multiple positions open: PhD students and graduate/undergraduate interns.

  • If you are interested, please send me an email with your cv and schedule a call or a meeting.


  • (09/2020) Our recent work on Location Privacy Attack in Modern Cellular Networks has been accepted to USENIX Security 2021. Congrats to Nitya!

  • (08/2020) Min Suk is joining School of Computing at KAIST from 26 Aug 2020.

  • (06/2020) CoinDesk covers how the latest Bitcoin Core code tries to address our Erebus attack (but fails to fix it completely).

  • (06/2020) I will leave NUS and start a new network security & privacy research group at KAIST from August 2020.

  • (05/2020) Our Erebus attack (a Bitcoin partitioning attack) was presented at the online IEEE S&P 2020: see a 1-min video or a full video (project website)

  • (03/2020) Our recent work on Amplification DDoS defense utilizing programmable switches is accepted for presentation at IEEE NetSoft 2020. Congrats to Khooi!

  • (11/2019) I will be serving as a PC at ACM CCS 2020 and IEEE ICDCS 2020.

  • (10/2019) Muoi Tran (4th-year PhD) has won the 2019 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship. Congrats to Muoi!

  • (10/2019) Our recent work on DoS against Open vSwitches is accepted for presentation at the Open vSwitch 2019 Fall Conference. Congrats to Levente! paper

  • (09/2019) I was invited to give a talk on DDoS/Bitcoin attacks at KAIST, DGIST, Postech, Korea Univ, Tsinghua Univ. Talk slides can be found here.

  • (09/2019) Our paper on a novel Denial-of-Service attack against Open vSwitches has been accepted to ACM CoNEXT 2019. Congrats to Levente!

  • (09/2019) Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan funded our work on 5G security. Thanks III!

  • (08/2019) Our Erebus Bitcoin attack project webpage has been revamped! Please check this out.

  • (08/2019) Muoi Tran (4th-year PhD) receives Dean’s Graduate Research Excellence Award. Congrats to Muoi!

  • (07/2019) I was invited to give a talk on Bitcoin and 5G attacks at III, Taiwan.

  • (07/2019) Our paper on a Stealthy Partitioning Attack against Bitcoin has been accepted to IEEE S&P 2020. Congrats to Muoi, Inho, Gi Jun, Viet-Anh! paper

  • (05/2019) Muoi Tran (3rd-year PhD) has been awarded President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF). Congrats to Muoi!

  • (03/2019) Our paper on Verifiable In-network Filtering for DDoS Defense has been accepted to IEEE ICDCS 2019. Congrats to Deli and Muoi!

  • (03/2019) Our paper on Detecting Surveillance Camera Looping Attacks via Wi-Fi has been accepted to ACM WiSec 2019. Congrats to Nitya!

  • (12/2018) Our paper on Transit-link DDoS Attacks and Defenses has been accepted to IEEE S&P 2019. Congrats to Muoi! (Link to the paper)

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